Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's all about mentality

I was on my way back from the airport to fetch my brother in law just now. It was 5am and the road was all mine so a red light is a "Go. No worries. No cars" sign.

Unluckily for me as I passed the last traffic light before the juction to my house, I got summoned by the dedicated policemen.

I have no offense for being ticketed. The only thing that makes me a bit upset is the way some people handle their reaponsibilities.

For me, the 2 policemen should've waited at a place visible enough for the road users to see so that they will definitely stop at red. They shouldn't wait for people to make mistakes and fine them. It's just not the right perspective of mind. Their core responsibility is and always to prevent people from commiting offenses, not to let and punish right?

No wonder it's hard for them to gain respect from the people.

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