Sunday, October 02, 2011

Business Development

Am waiting my turn to take away some chicken rice for lunch. Well, not as easy as it sounds actually when there are 16 people in front.

The restaurant holds a reputation of being on of the best chicken rice shop in the town where I live. They serve a full house crowd most of the time and in today's case, the que starts me from outside the premise!

The food is good. No doubt about it. That's why they've been here for years. The only room for improvement (well a basic one for a start) is the service.

When you have a promising business and with only one counter for serving dining in and take away orders with 2 workers, you might want to consider evaluating the current system. Well, in this case I can see that they haven't lose much in terms of customer loyalty (take me for an example), but I'm sure they haven't thought about the opportunities that they are missing.

So for me, getting at least another serving counter is a good start. They can increase service efficiency thus enabling more people to come. In today's case, some might reconsider having lunch at another since the queue is too long.

Business development is not that hard to digest and implemented. It is as simple as a new seating arrangement. Proper understanding about the concept and importance can bring one to suit what's best to develop according to the business size and objectives.

Come to think about it, maybe a nice white color theme and proper daytime lighting too? :)

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