Thursday, December 18, 2008

We're on Youtube!

Got an sms from An Myshots this morning, confirming that the reception montage of Meen and I has been added in Youtube. At the same time, wedding album pun dah siap. Cun!

Meen and I would like to express our heartiest appreciation to Myshots family for the undivided attention and tremendous effort to make the wedding pictures worth a lifetime to be viewed. Now we're looking forward for the outdoor session, An. Dok sibuk kempiskan perut ni, hahaha!

You have seen the montage? Ok tak? :-)


Anonymous said...

letak la video tu kat sini :P

asyik2 tna je yg komen..meen, komen la skali! hehehe~


fahmisalihan said...

hehehe, dah tu tina je kot yang view blog ni.. ;)

ouh, add as url eh? nanti gue try!

Anonymous said...

;) komen saya, hari2 saya pon tunggu blog ni! hehe..