Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You have to have this..

Last Tuesday I went to Wisma PGRM, Jalan Pudu, KL to settle something up. Needed to search for an address so I dropped by at Starbucks for an internet connectivity. To my surprise, they have already started selling the 2009 organizer!

Yes, yes, it’s already the 23rd day of this promotion today. So I’m late. So what? I guess there may be thousands who will be surprised to read this. Ramai lagi yang belum tahu!

My interest for Starbucks' organizer has been for like 3 years already. Really fascinated by the design, honestly. Comparing to the previous years, the organizer is quite easy to get this year. Before, you must get like 15 chops representing 15 items (beverages/foods) purchased at Starbucks in a card, which amounting around RM150 (if you are ‘kamcing’ enough, you can get several chops from them at a time, so can save more money loh, hehe).

However, in conjunction with their 10th Anniversary in Malaysia, Starbucks is offering the organizer at a very low price: RM18 to be added up with a puchase of medium-sized beverage. Now that’s cheap!

With beautiful layout design and real leather for the cover, I think it is really worth your RM30+. In addition, for the money you spent on the organizer, some will be donated to charity. So beli dan beramal la kiranya.

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