Thursday, December 18, 2008

When the earth does not move..

Keanu is back with another big movie, a remake version of The Day The Earth Stood Still (TDTESS). This time, he became Klaatu, an alien in a human suite, searching for information about what the human has been doing to earth as an evaluation for his superiors to decide on whether to destroy human being and their creations in order to save the mother earth. Awesome!

On this film, he is assisted by a Helen Benson (Jennifer Connely), a microbiologist who works at Princeton University and her step son (Jaden Smith) which turned out to be human being savior by changing Keanu’s decision.

This is another attraction for the movie-goers. Those who have watched the original TDTESS will want to see this new version, while the new generations will be amazed not only by the long title but also for what’s inside the movie.

In my opinion, there are 2 setbacks on the technical part of TDTESS. One: the metal, destroy-everything-but-earth insects. I mean, when I first saw Keanu in this special gel suit, plus the ever mysterious spheres, I was really eager to know how they destroy human being (or even the earth at first). Upon realizing on the insects, I was like “ek eleh”. If only they could come up with something else. Non-metal destroyer to be exact.

The other setback is the gigantic, one red-and-moving eyed, statue-like creature. It came along with the giant sphere at Central Park as Keanu’s protector and the source of the metal insects. Again, they could really make it in a form of fog or something, not like the old version of it, come on! I mean, Proton would not be producing the same Saga every year, right?

The robot reallyyyy look familiar..

Other than that, I must salute Keanu for his marvelous act, especially his Chinese accent. This is another must-see movie as the storyline is perfectly narrated, the idea of ‘human is not the owner of earth’ has creatively manipulated, the fascinating effects and of course, the great line of casts. If only they could set a more thrilling ending, this movie would reach the number 5 on my evaluation meter. So with that I give TDTESS 4 out of 5.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer Connely is not a 'microbiologist' but an 'astro biologist' ye en fahmi..hehehe~
sorry sbb tna mmg asyik duk ingat je part tu sbb nak cari apa kebenda astro biologist ni kaji :P

tina enol

fahmisalihan said...

Thanks tina!

Dok carik2 jugak sebenarnya, so bila baca kat this one movie review, dia tulih 'microbiologist'.. :)

Rasanya dia banyak kaji aspek biologi kat Astro kot, kikiki.. ;P

Anonymous said...

dulu ade blaja subject ni (microbiology) tp byk psl microb & bacteria dlm food la ;)

nyibuk je Meen ni kan..